LivT LivT
3 years ago

Adult acne

I’ve been having major adult acne breakouts recently (started around July), and I’ve always had clear skin before this. I’ve read about the minimalist routine and I’m wondering if the one that I’ve planned is good enough? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to improve my daily routine? (I’ve been exclusive using Dermalogica, and this seems to be when my breakouts got worse, so I’ve cut out the cleanser to see if that helps and switched it with Espa that I was using before when my skin was clear). Thanks! 🙏

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I feel for you - acne episodes after the age of 18 feel unfair (at least this is my experience!).

I think your current routine is solid on the basics. I would recommend to add two acne-focused actives. Both of those have benefits beyond reducing acne, so I think they are great for adults.

1) Retinoid. Start applying it every other night, before your moisturiser, and start applying it every night in a week or two (if your skin tolerates it well). Skip the clearing gel on the days you use a retinoid. One of the most effective retinoid products for acne is Differin gel: It is available over the counter in the US, by electronic prescription offered by Superdrug and Boots in the UK, and I think mostly on prescription in other European countries. If this is not available to you, you could add a product with retinol or granactive retinoid (available without prescription in most counties):

2) azelaic acid. You can use it in the AM, before the sunscreen.

Best of luck to you - hope your skin gets better soon!