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Hello from the Great White North (Toronto) Canada!

So I'm nearly 63 years old and have been a skincare fanatic since I read my first issue of "Seventeen Magazine"way back in 1974 in the reading nook at my high school. While most of the girls in my year were plastering foundation on their faces, I was reading anything and everything I could about proper skincare.The first skincare product I purchased with my baby sitting money was Bonne Bell Ten-O-Six Astringent. I loved the smell of it and how clean my skin felt (although it was also a bit "tight" feeling). Through the years, I've plowed through the majority of skincare brands from Bonne Bell to Lancome to Dior and then, thanks to Etsy, independent brands. COVID really took a lot out of me and I missed doing my morning/evening routine for well over a month and my skin suffered for it. I don't mind having wrinkles and eye crinkles but I would like for them to be less noticeable. I'm currently using: The Ordinary Glycoside Cleanser, Argireline, Matrixyl, HA & Peptide Serum, Phyto Ceramide Cream and OLAY Retinol Cream in the evening. In the morning, I splash my face with tepid water and use The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum, HA & Peptide Serum and Moisturiser, finishing with SPF 30.

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Sounds as though you've got it sorted, ingredients are definitely what your skin needs.

Do you use retinol at night within your p.m routine?

I'm 76 and sware by it. I actually use tretinoin after starting out with the Ordinary 0.25 retinol but now after five years, my skin can now adjust to Tretinoin,50 it's made such a difference to the condition of my skin.


I'm 62 and have been using tretinoin .50 for years. I also swear by it.