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last year

I’m still working on it, how’s this look?

I’ve been trying out different products but these I’ve stuck with for around 3 weeks and my skin had gotten a little better. I noticed my skin got better when I was using the neutrogena stubborn acne face wash (though it got discontinued, so I had to find a new one).

Recently I’ve switched to the purple byoma rich cream moisturizer for at night but it leaves my skin tight and I’ve noticed new cystic acne pop up. :/

(I use Elizabeth Grady’s repair sunscreen, though it doesn’t show here)

Vanicream - Gentle Facial Cleanser
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The INKEY List CA - Omega Water Cream Moisturiser
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LANEIGE - Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer
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Hello there! 👋 Well done on finding the products that work - 3 weeks is already a good sign! What skin goals are you focusing on?