Moss Moss
3 years ago

Kiehls breakout control blemish lotion

Can anyone tell me if this product is actually oil free? I can’t see oils as such in the ingredients but I’m unsure. I am really suffering with adult acne. Got to the point where I’m terrified to use anything new to make it worse.

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It can be considered oil-free, and it can help reduce breakouts.

A side-note: oil-free does not always means that it's better for acne-prone skin. There is no need to be afraid of oils if you have acne - they are not the cause, and often they can help through moisturization.

An effective combo for adult acne can be:

a retinoid (for example, Differin gel or a retinol serum at night) + azelaic acid (in the morning, before sunscreen) + a salicylic acid 2-3 times per week and as spot treatment. This guide might be helpful: