Safyah Safyah
last year

I want a good skincare routine for my skin💔💔

Im using foam cleanser from cerave and retinol serum from ordinary also the ordinary moisturizer

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Did you post that photo along with your question? If so it looks like your upper back/shoulders area. I also dealt with that recently.

For reference I'm 25. My face is oily, acne prone, and very sensitive. My body has recently gone through new hormonal changes and so I got a ton of body acne. This is what I did everyday nonstop for a few months (budget friendly):

  • Neutrogena Body Wash (Body Clear or the new Stubborn Body Acne version). $9-$10 Walmart

  • Asepxia Bar Soap (It doesn't matter which one because they all have salicylic acid. I use the sensitive skin version but there's also one for dry skin, combo skin, oily skin, etc). $3-$4 Walmart

  • The Ordinary Glycolic Acid Toning Solution. $13 Ulta

  • Cerave Moisturizing Cream. $14 12oz Walmart

So I mainly used that bar soap. Sometimes I'd use the body wash. They both worked. Then after the shower I'd put the toner on my hands on slap it onto my back area as best I could. I did my research and the toner is great for acne and also apparently great for your underarms to reduce odor. Anyways even though my face is sensitive and I do have body eczema, I was covered in acne. So I sucked up the redness and dealt with it. The salicylic acid washes away in the shower and so its fine to use the toner on that area. Then don't forget to moisturize. I liked the cerave cream because its simple and has great ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides. You really want to moisturize well because of all the strong actives from earlier.


Thaankyou ♥️♥️♥️


For clarification don't use those products on your face. I made that routine as a cheap way to get rid of body acne. It'll take awhile. I mean I guess you could use the cerave cream on your face but you don't want to have the toner on your hands while you dip back and forth into the cerave jar.

If your body acne never goes away after awhile maybe see a dermatologist for heavy duty medicated acne products.

Plus drink a ton of water all the time. Good luck!