Aaron k
last year

Broken skin barrier?

Hi I just wanted some advice to a professional, for a few times I used Dr. Russo invisible face gel which has alcohol denature in it, I was worried because I read a few pages on google saying this type of alcohol can cause damage, even permanent damage to skin barrier.

Idk I just feel like my skin is a little more dry and pale lately and I'm hoping that I haven't caused some sort of permanent damage to skin barrier, or is this just all in my head and nothing to worry about?

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You may have damaged it but its not permanent. Focus on repairing and resting your skin. I know everyone wants tons of actives in every product but you need to take a step back and rest for a bit. Simple formulated cleanser, nothing crazy or with fragrance. Ceramide serum and a hyaluronic acid sheet mask. Good quality simple formulated face cream at night. Even niacinamide is fine if you must. Or a routine with different products but same ingredients. Avoid heavy actives for a little bit like retinol or aha/bha peeling solutions.

Tons of products have various types of alcohol in it. Maybe this was your learning lesson that you have sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin. I always avoid fragrance, artificial dyes, too much alcohol, etc. Alcohol does strip the skin from moisture. It happens. Now you know your body doesn't react well to it.