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Hello from fafi1415


I am a 25 year old female, who has been in the skincare frenzy since I was 13!!

My go to are always affordable and home remedies for skin care. I've tried everything that was recommended to me and I came up with a list of what works best for me.

My daily routine is very simple, Sunscreen, moisturizer, apple cider antioxidant, and Differn at night!

I have fixed almost everything that bothers me about my skin, except for my large pores!&&& Ugh!! been struggling with it for sooo long, and part of the reason for my large pores is probably the fact that my face has been an experiment field in my teens. So now I'm trying to Fix itt!!!

PS. apple cider vinegar is a miracle for even skin tones and bacterial disinfection for acne, aaand a lonnnng term healing process for scars. Don't forget a good moisturizer to even out the dryness of the vinegar :)))

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