simbafan simbafan
3 years ago

Dairy and breakouts

A lot of people say that dairy is responsible for acne breakouts and claim that once they removed dairy from there diet the breakouts went away for example here:

But is this actually true? I love dairy products of all kind but I am also struggling with acne? What are your experiences? Is it worth a shot?

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I’m really curious as well what people’s experiences are. At WIMJ, we actually would like to run a crowd-sourced trial on this - asking people to record their skin state together with their diet (dairy-no diary). If we get high enough number of participants, the results would help shed some light on the issue. Would you be interested to take part in an open study like this?


That sounds great!

I'd 100% participate!


I will start! I can't eat dairy and have no acne issues


Milk from cows isn't very good. I stopped drinking it and replaced it with almond milk that has vitamin e, it's way better for the skin.


Isn't this likely to be dependent on your gut flora..most food is only really ever irritating/inflammatory when your body is having difficulty utilising the nutrients in it from e.g dysbiosis, etc