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Hi everyone!

I am definitely a skincare junkie and reference this site often. However I just now am making an account so.. Hi! My name is Bailee, I spend most of my time researching products and applying them (well waiting in between applying them lol) I would love to share the experience with different products I’ve had success with and with products that had either no result or negative. I’ve recently been using lots of goldfadden MD products. I first tired their Vital Boost moisturizer and fell in love with it. I have oily skin mostly due to my living in a very humid area right now. I’ve also been using some Paula’s Choice exfoliants and I’ve been using The Ordinary products forever. I’ve also been loving Pacifica products and the Hello Results retinol cream specifically from it cosmetics, I honestly use so many brands and products there’s no way for me to list my whole routine. But because of this surplus of products all of which I love so far, I started skin cycling so I could get the full effects of the products, without a ton of layering or having them disrupt each other’s effectiveness. I also recently started using a gua sha and I find it very relaxing and really has helped me with lymphatic drainage. I would love any recommendations or tips on anything skin or beauty! I have been wanting to find products for the rest of my body aside from my face so I would especially love recommendations in that area(: I’ve been liking the Pacifica vegan collagen body spray (kinda like a body lotion) but I do struggle with some acne on my back. I work outside and it’s already getting very hot here so sweating all day with oily skin had been a struggle with bacne. I am 25 years old and want to get a head start on the anti-aging process and keep my body healthy!

Thanks for reading (:

Happy to answer any questions about products or myself.(:

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Hello Bailee, thank you so much for saying hello and sharing your experience! Please add product reviews for both great finds and failures - this would be super helpful!!

Bacne is so challenging to deal with with topical products - the quantity needed for the area, and just simply getting it on there daily… one idea would be getting an affordable retinoid serum (like Ordinary) and use it at night - if you can apply it to the area. Please make sure you use sunscreen if the area is open during the day.

A cleanser/ wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help too - just try not to wash the rest of your body skin with it.

Consider looking at your nutrition- this could help at least to a degree. You can read on this more here: