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What u guys/girls think about this face serum regime?

Dupe for a highly popular Lancome face serum anti-ageing regiment, compromising the Genifique Youth activating serum first, followed by the Rénergie HCF Serum. However as I found out on WIMJ, some of the active ingredients in the Rénergie HCF are actually quite low, such as the 3-0 ethyl ascorbic acid at only 0.35% (negligible amount). So i worked out an alternative regime with more cost efficient products containing similar ingredients to the Lancome regiment, but with higher concentrations of the evidence-based active ingredients.

Let me know what u think :)


1. Missha Time Revolution (Bifida Lysate 28%, Sodium hyaluronate 0.4%)

2. Revolution Skincare X sali Must C (Ascorbyl glucoside 7%, Nicotinamide 3.5% + Sodium hyaluronate 0.25%)

3. The Ordinary (Resveratrol and Ferulic Acid 3% + 3%)

...followed by moisturiser as needed during the day +/- SPF 15

The AM/PM regime recommended by Lancôme is as follows:

- Lancôme Genifique Youth activating serum (Bifida Lysate - 6.8%, Sodium Hyaluronate 1%)

- Lancôme rénergie HCF Serum (Sodium Hyaluronate 1%, Niacinamide 1.8%, 3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid 0.35%, Ferulic Acid 0.4%)

I'm not interested in ingredients that disguise/cover-up the signs of ageing, nor those that have no publicly available scientific data to back up their claims. Rather my attention is on those with some evidence from the scientific literature, those demonstrating a "soothing" effect on the underlying cellular genetic changes/markers incurred while we age.

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I’d suggest increasing your sun protection: going up to SPF 30 or 50 and making sure it’s broad spectrum. Hands down it’s the best thing you can do prevent photoaging (the stuff that doesn’t depend on our actual biological age).

I’m skeptical on their efficacy of the Lancôme rénergie HCF Serum. I’d look into an Ascorbic serum 10-20% instead.

what is your view of retinoids? Do they fit into your aging well philosophy? (BTW, love it! Aging is a privilege and we are lucky to age ❤️) If yes, I’d definitely consider a retinoid product. More info about them here:


Hi Maria,

thanks for replying!

i read some info on SPF. Basically it seems that SPF 15 offers about 94% protection from UV rays, and upping that to SPF gives 97% protection. For me i chose SPF 15 as I spend most of my working days in a building where there is little sunlight, however on days off or on weekends when going outside in town i'll use SPF 30, and if its something like going on long walks / beach / hikes then SPF 50+.

As for retinoids, i actually already micro dose on isotretinoin (accutane) 10mg twice a week orally, and find it works magic. However I don't do that continuously either, and cycle on and off, as depending on the individual, oral intake of isotretinoin can elevate liver enzymes and cholesterol. Hence if taking isotretinoin off-label, its important to get regular blood tests for liver function and cholesterol levels.

As u mentioned, I'm skeptical on the Lancome reenergise HCF serum too, for the reasons i mentioned above, namely the negligible Vit C concentration.

Above all, i attach more importance on anti-ageing measures from the "inside-out", rather than the "outside-in", hence also have the following regiment:

Orally I take (doing this for a few years now):

  • Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) / Nicotinamide Mononucleutide (NMN) - 1g a day

  • TMG supplement (source of Betain to support NR/NMN metabolism)

  • Astaxanthin - 6mg twice a day

  • Small dose of Fisetin / Quercetin / Curcumin / Transresveratrol in liposomal form by

  • Fish oil EPA/DHA

  • Isotretinoin (roaccutane) 10mg twice a week (micro dose), and only intermittent weeks, I don't take this continuously.

  • Vitamin C slow release 1000mg a day

  • Blueberry extract as a supplement for anthocyanins

  • Hydrolysed Collagen peptides dissolved in water, 1g a day with the Vit C

  • Hyaluronic Acid dissolved in water *Much more convenient when u organise it all in a weekly pill organiser.

Lifestyle: I usually aim for the mediterranean diet, and try to avoid red meat and saturated fat, while eating colourful vegetables. Avoid alcohol, except very occasional glass of red wine, Aerobic/anerobic exercise +/- HIIT, Intermittent fasting, especially avoid strong sun, I'm 40, but others are skeptical when they hear my age, and I get comments saying I look more like 25.

Let me know if u have any suggestions too!


and upping that to SPF30 gives 97% protection*