Maria from WIMJ
3 years ago

Update: ‘Promises Fulfilled’ instead of efficacy for the overall product rating

We have introduced an update in our rating. Instead of rating efficacy, the overall rating (the %s with the gauge icon) now represents "Promises fulfilled".

Here is why we made the change: in the past, if products with identical formula were making different promises (for example, one would just promise moisturization, and the other one moisturization and anti-aging), they would receive different ratings on efficacy. That was confusing - at the end, the formula is the same.

Now, the overall rating rates how likely the product is to fulfill what it promises (aka “product honesty”). Below this new “honesty rating”, you can see the rating per claim (e.g. moisturizing, anti-aging etc.) along with the active ingredients and a brief explanation of the rating.

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Love it! This website is fantastic. I'm so tired of wasting my hard earned cash on products that will never deliver what they promise. Hopefully the choices I now make will help to improve my skin and save me lots of money in the long run.