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Adding Zinc Oxide Powder to loose powder?

Can Zinc Oxide Powder mix with a normal loose powder to form setting powder with SPF? Will it be safe to use daily?

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FYI, Bare Minerals sells a finishing powder that contains zinc oxide...

It's 25 SPF, so is slightly below the minimum recommended 30 SPF. My personal experience with using their products several years ago is that the powders felt fantastic going on and looked smooth, flawless, and fabulous. However, they did ultimately ended up drying out my skin, which is why I quit using them. However, if you don't have dry skin issues and/ or use a moisturizer underneath (something I did not do at the time--oops), then you probably won't have the same problem.

As to mixing your own sunscreen powder, I have no idea if it would be protective enough to safely use on a daily basis - ? I suppose it would depend on whether or not you have the means available to figure out exactly how much to add in order to achieve the necessary SPF.


No, unfortunately it won't guarantee you any reliable sun protection. Sun protection products need a careful formulation: right kind of zinco oxide, right kind of size of the particles, right coating etc. It can't be done well without specialized knowledge and equipment. You are better off buying a powder with SPF.