Claire8 Claire8
2 years ago

Aceology Lifting Mask: is it something special?

Is it a good product for an anti-aging routine? How often should it be applied?

Aceology - Lifting Treatment Mask
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Technically, this mask can have anti-aging properties because it contains peptides. However, to give peptides a chance to help prevent / repair signs of aging, you should apply them consistently (e.g. every day). You would not notice a difference if you apply the mask only 2-3 times a week.

I would not recommend applying it daily though. First of all, it's too much effort (and you could go for a serum with peptides as well). Secondly, it contains quite a bit of alcohol (probably around 2-4%), and it's not great (or helpful) for daily application (a few times per week shouldn't be an issue though unless your skin is very sensitive).

The bottom line: if you like masks and they give you a relaxation moment, this is a decent option. If you are buying for a ritual - go for it! If you expect a serious anti-aging action - keep looking:)