Sharabele Sharabele
last year

Hello from null

At the age of 67, I’ve decided I need to take better care of my skin without spending a lot of money for product.

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Great, nice to meet you @Sharabele! I'd look into a daily sunscreen and a retinoid, maybe this page can help you get started:


Never to late to start looking after your skin.

I'm 76 and still look for products which can improve my skin.

If you follow the recommendations on this sight, you won't go wrong. It's now the only sight I listen too.

Two products which are part of my holy grail are retinol at night and because I live in Spain, factor 50 every day, even if I don't go out.

Enjoy finding your regime.


Hi there. SPANNY happens to be my Mom. At 76 she looks amazing.

Tretinoin and sunscreen. All the way. And this website. We're both now looking at getting some great ingredients without the irritation. Thank you WIMJ xx