Riley Riley
2 years ago

Texture Issue

I've had small, colorless bumps on my forehead for years. Besides that I never get break outs or red pimples. They do not pop, and they will NOT go away.. I feel like I've tried everything. Any tips or ideas? I will say.. I occasionally get milia under my eyes, but it always goes away after a bit.. maybe its that, but they don't go away.

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I does sound like it could be milia, but please keep in mind that we by no means can help diagnose any medical conditions on this platform.

It sounds like you have tried exfoliation already - the standard recommendation for managing milia. Retinoids can help as well because they regulate the skin cell turnover and might help regulate keratinization.

It is also very important to use daily sun protection and minimize exposure to unnecessary skin irritants, especially if you are already exfoliating frequently and/or using a retinoid.

In a nutshell, you might want try a skincare routine with:

1) vitamin C serum + sunscreen in the AM

2) gentle fragrance-free cleanser + a retinoid serum in the PM


a relatively gentle exfoliating solution (PHA-based, for example; or a mixture of PHA and AHA) 2-3 times a week.

Hope this helps!


What have you tried?