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My skincare routine is not existent now cause i changed so much and bought so many beauty devices! I'm a litte scared using thing with heat now. The last days i have been using inface device for product penetration as i am waiting for some medicine devices!! After only 3 days of use i have obviously melted my hyaluronic injections under and around me eyes!! Now as a total surprise all the wrinkles are back and it feels really hard. I have a rare diagnose that makes the collagen that i produce defected and not structured well and knees and other joints that dislocates easily. Scoliosis and operations not turned out well makes my days full of pain. But i accept it and at thriving towards at least don't make it show on my appearance. This syndrom leads to skin premature aging so there is for sure an ongoing battle. For me fillers around my eyes works really well and takes away almost all my wrinkles but today the mirror reveals the opposite. I take it as a lesson though😇 could have been worse.

❓ Question ❓ is there someone that combines injecting fillers and botox with beauty devices such as RF ultra sound high frequency



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Oh, beauty devices are such a mine field. Most of them don't really have good studies to back up that they actually work, but there can also be exceptions. I hope to get to dive in into this topic soon, but for now I am sceptical :).

Are you using or considered using retinoids in your routine? It would be important to check that they are OK with your condition, but generally they are the best topical skincare "weapon" we have to stimulate collagen production.


I'd say that you need to find a local expert you can trust to put together a routine for you that works, rather than trying every device on the market.

The general rule is that if it works at all, it can be dangerous! The only most harmless products and devices are the ones that don't really "do" anything active.

That's why it's best to proceed with caution e.g. the "test on an inconspicuous area", one change at a time, under expert guidance!


I can rephrase my rule as "The greater and faster the effect, the greater the danger when used incorrectly".

Even if applied correctly, there are often interactions betweens different products - such as what you find with heat and HA fillers, so checking for interactions is important too.

And, what works for one person may not work for you or even be harmful to you - their condition may be sufficiently different for yours.

I'd venture to say that for your case there'd no substitute for consulting and following the instructions of a top-notch dermatologist.