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Hello from null

I have red spots on my face, after my acne. It’s been 7 months and they don’t fade. Currently I’m using:

  1. Filorga NCEF shot (10 day treatment)

  2. Serum - Filorga NCEF intensive at night and in the morning - Skin-Unify

  3. Effaclair Duo before my cream (locally on my spots)

  4. Cream - hydra hyal, I’m about to get NCEF cream. At night I use the ncef mask

  5. SPF

Before that I was using other creams. I get regular peels at my cosmetician. She recommended me to use Filorga and ever since I started using it - my skin really looks and feels better. The quality of my skin is improved and I’m very happy.

But my red marks are just killing me. I want to speed up the process of fading. I was thinking of including vitamin C or niacinamide in my routine but I don’t know which one and how to include it. And most of all: would it make any difference? Is my skincare routine good?

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Niacinimide over vitamin c in my opinion just because a lot of products claiming to have vitamin c don’t really have enough . I’ve just started using dr jart cicapair which provides spf coverage and neutralizes redness daily, supposedly also overtime but haven’t been using it long enough to see that. I’ve also found some good reduction in marks from diy turmeric and honey masks though wimj says there’s no solid evidence on tumeric. Hope that helps! I’ll report back on redness when im further into my new routine