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last year

Hello Sue-Mer

Always looking for new products. I’ve got very sensitive skin.

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best products for sensitive skin i’ve tried so far these past few months are

  • anything from the aveeno calm and restore product line, they have all kinds of stuff including gel moisturizers, serums, creams, balms, and cleansers. the triple oat serum has been a god sent for me, as well as the oat gel cleanser. they’ve also got a foaming oat cleaner for incredibly sensitive skin that i have been loving lately.

  • cicaplast. i know it’s already so popular but it definitely deserves the hype. althoe i cannot find it in store or even online right now because they are reformulating it (i’m hoping they don’t ruin it becuase it has saved my skin quite literally), a good dupe for it is the “aveen cicalfate” cream

  • the “avatara” avacodo sheet masks really calm my skin down when it’s irritated, they also have an aloe one which i love

  • the beauty of joseon ginsing cleansing oil is the best cleaning oil i’ve found for sensitive skin so far, and the best cleaning balm for sensitive skin i’ve found so far is the innisfree volcanic cluster pore cleansing balm

  • the pixi milky remedy mask actually really calms my skin down, it does have fragrance but it’s one the last ingredients, but still if ur skin is extremely sensitive i would avoid this

  • the pixi milky hydrating milky mist is a nice spray on hydrating toner type of thing that i always put it on before and after my makeup so my skin doesn’t act up, works wonders, also helps my makeup look better longer, kind of makes it look less cakey and gives me more of a dewy skin effect (if u like an extreme dew effect on top ur makeup or just any time, i would 100% reccomend their glow mist. i get compliments on my skin every time i wear it out.