Maria from WIMJ
2 years ago

BIG: Brands sold in China can now be cruelty-free

China has been gradually lifting its requirement of mandatory animal testing of foreign skincare products for the last couple of years. Finally, last week Cruelty Free Kitty has confirmed that the last barrier towards selling in China without animal testing has been lifted. (Previously, even if it was not required to test a cosmetic on animals before entering the market, the Chinese authorities could mandate animal testing for a product that is already on the market, for example, if there were consumer complaints). Cruelty Free Kitty specifically confirms that the following skincare brands can now be considered free of animal testing: 

This is wonderful news for consumers and the industry, and we hope to see many more of the cruelty free brand announcements this year! And special thanks to the Cruelty Free Kitty team for their tireless efforts for the sake of a more ethical skincare industry 💙🐈‍⬛.

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