Awall Awall
2 years ago

Favorite tinted sunscreens?

My face always looks healthier with a bit of a sun kiss, wanting to achieve a natural warmth while avoid sun damage. What’s everyone’s favorite tinted sunscreen?

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I am a field archaeologist and that means that I am out in the sun almost every day of the year . In my mind sun kissed meant sun burned and I used not to wear sunscrn in order to obtain that look...How foolish! Now I always wear one and I never got that lovely reddish look again (i have fair complexion). I hate tinted sunscrns and everything that has color in it but all of my girlfriends are in love with "Frezyderm 's color velvet " .It s number 1 in Greece.


By sun kissed I don't mean sun burnt I’m meaning just a light tan. I wear sunscreen daily but would like to find a sunscreen that can add a bit of warmth and glow to my skin. I rarely wear makeup so I’m just looking for something light and natural. I appreciate the recommendation and ill check it out!