idullic idullic
2 years ago

similar sunscreen option to la roche posay cooling water lotion

does anyone know of a sunscreen with a similar texture and finish to the la roche posay cooling water lotion spf? i feel like normally my skin would be fine with it, but i recently started differin which has made my skin even more sensitive, and i think either the menthyl lactate or chemical sunscreen filters in it sting on application.

i hate to stop using it because i LOVE the texture and how it looks on my skin. it's been the only sunscreen that has not left me like a grease pit by the end of the day. it's a light lotion texture, my skin sucks it right up, it plays well with my other products, and has a natural radiant finish without leaving me oily or greasy. i use the cerave moisturizing lotion under it as my main moisturizer and i never get overly oily.

i did see the dry touch anthelios and thought it could be a good alternative. anyone that has used both, can you compare?

La Roche-Posay - Anthelios Cooling Water Lotion Face Sunscreen SPF 60
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