2 years ago

New to WIMJ but not new to skin!

I should have known about WIMJ earlier as I’ve been educating myself about skincare for about 2 years! I wish I had. I’m a woman of color with autoinflammatory disease that affects my skin quite a lot and results in some painful cystic acne on my very dry and regularly dehydrated skin (it’s a battle that I’m up and down on, I’m very ill + non working as I’m medically disabled because of genetics + more + seeking a very specific autoimmune Dx as I’ve already been medicated… sometimes skin isn’t the highest priority). I have chronic systemic hydration issues and even more so, chronic ion/electrolyte deficiency that’s sometimes dangerous. I also have some trauma and a bad pattern of some trichotillomania and sadly, dermatotillomania. I work hard not to pick at my acne but sometimes lose that battle.

I’ve made huge improvements in my general health, coping and management for mental stress, general routine, and some hydration. My skin is much better than it’s been for a while, both in clarity and barrier wellness. I still have some persistent cystic lesions and patches of texture on the apex of my cheeks, and more so than anything, I struggle with treatment regimens for periods with these issues compounded by lupus-like skin issues, definite melanocyte issues, lymph stagnation around the eyes and general inflammation there and other places (base of neck on body anterior).

Working with an amazing medical team, including my 3 autoimmune specialized dermatologists and my rheumatologist, gastroenterologist and genetics team, among others. I have no intention of misusing this site and implying that I’m asking for medical knowledge, just supplementing the help I’m getting and more focused on acne and dryness as well as product reviews!


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