Oil as moisturizer

I have use coconut oil or avocado oil as moisturizer and it made my face look amazing and felt great all day long all though I could have some glycerin in there to help keep it more plump and moist the oil it’s self work super well for me but some lady in France told me it was very bad for my skin and freaked out lol. I use 50spf everyday and a lot of it after I moisturize. Is the oil bad for me!?

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Maria from WIMJ
20 Aug ago

Oh god, no - oils is absolutely fine for you! It's a great idea to add something with glycerin or hyaluronic acid (I personally prefer glycerin) before the oil if your skin feels a bit dehydrated or to help plump it up. Pure coconut oil can increase pore clogging for some people - but if it does not goes an issue for you, it is a great moisturizer. By all means, keep doing what works well for your skin 🙌