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Need a recommendation for an oil free moisturiser for acne/sensitive skin

Hi! Having a middle aged acne mare… I was using Environ skincare system for 5 years and was really happy with my skin. 3 months ago it completely changed…

Initially red, bumpy and sensitive to any active ingredients. I was taking a low level antibiotic (Nitrofurantoin) for 6 weeks at this point and thought perhaps an allergic reaction. Stopped taking antibiotic and stopped using active ingredients straight away.

Red bumps turned into pustular acne. GP prescribed Duac for 8 weeks. during this time sensitivity reduced, texture more normal but large boily spots kept popping up!

After my Duac treatment, a dermatologist prescribed Doxycycline and Differin (topical retinoid). Almost 2 weeks into treatment and my boily spots (pustular acne) look worse! Read that the skin can have a purge and look worse before improving… let’s see.

Dermatologist also said to use glycolic acid face wash (using L’Oreal resurfacing gel wash) and an oil free moisturiser. It’s so hard to find an oil free moisturiser in the chemist as many aren’t labelled as such, so instead I just tried one for acne skin - Bioderma Sebium Hydra. This felt nice but leaves my skin looking too oily (despite saying good for acne I think it has oil in it!).

This evening I tried La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) as read it was oil free and good for pustular acne, however I had a reaction to it - my skin was stinging and bright red so had to wash off straight away.

Trying to see if there’s a common ingredient in Environ AVST and LRP Effaclar Duo (+)… only two irritants to note: Disodium edta and bht.

BTW I realise this could be hormonal/related to the peri menopause. I have no clue there symptoms aside from my dodgy skin (still have regular periods, good mood etc). GP wouldn’t do a hormone test.

Please could someone recommend a good oil free moisturiser for acne/sensitive skin?

Also, wondering if anyone in the community has had a similar experience to me and could share advice.

Thanks in advance! X

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