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High performance retinol — Alchimie Forever Advanced Retinol Serum with Time Release Technology

If you're looking for an effective anti-aging solution, look no further than Alchimie Forever's new Advanced Retinol Serum with Time Release Technology. This powerful skincare product boasts a powerful concentration of Retinol 0.75% and uses a time-release encapsulation technology that ensures effective skin penetration and minimizes the irritation risk. You only need to use it 3x a week to see great results. And with a high efficacy rating from WIMJ, you can trust that this product will deliver. 

So what does the Advanced Retinol Serum provide? Retinol is a key ingredient in anti-aging skincare products because of its ability to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and even out complexion. The time-release encapsulation technology allows the serum to penetrate deeply into the skin, providing maximum benefits while minimizing the irritation risks associated with using retinol. Because the actives are delivered in a powerful concentration with a controlled release, you only need to use it three times per week to get real anti-aging results. 

In addition to the Retinol, this advanced serum also contains a powerful cocktail of antioxidants, including apple stem cell extract, edelweiss, and green tea. These antioxidants work to protect the skin from environmental damage, such as UV rays and pollution. They also help to reduce inflammation, promote cell turnover, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining a youthful complexion.

Alchimie Forever Advanced Retinol Serum with Time Release Technology is a powerful anti-aging solution that is perfect for people who like skincare that deliveres. Its time-release encapsulation technology ensures effective skin penetration and minimizes the risk of irritation, while the high efficacy rating from WIMJ confirms that you can trust its ingredients. All in all, this serum is an excellent choice for those looking for an effective and easy-to-use anti-aging solution. So, don’t wait any longer and give Alchimie Forever Advanced Retinol Serum a try today: 20% off with the code WIMJ20!

Alchimie Forever - Advanced Retinol Serum with Time Release Technology
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Could you please tell us a bit more about the time release technology and the encapsulated Retinol that the serum uses?


Hi @Maria from WIMJ, it’s Ada here 👋. Of course, happy to share! This comes back to our philosophy of self-care through skincare. When we develop products, the first goal is that they deliver powerful clinically-proven results. This is why it was no question for us that our serum will use a powerful concentration of retinol at 0.75% pure retinol. 

And, the results are not all we care about. We also want to help people turn their skincare routines into moments of self-care, moments of kindness to themselves. Retinol is a powerful anti-aging active, and in traditional formats it often leads to irritation - redness, flaking, even itching. Indeed, this is part of how this amazing ingredient works (and is not a sign of an allergic reaction to the ingredient). As our philosophy of skin care has from the start focused on calming inflammation, we searched for a way to deliver results with a high concentration of retinol, while also minimizing side effects. Hence the Time Release Technology we use. 

This technology means that the natural sebum in your skin releases the retinol for absorption. It will be released more quickly on oily skin types, and more slowly on dry skin types (which typically experience more side effects with this ingredient). This technology ensures the best of both worlds: efficacy in fighting the signs of aging, and a minimization of the typical side effects associated with higher concentrations of retinol.  

We believe that this is the best way to deliver powerful results while also making sure our customers’ skin care journey is a positive and caring one. There are enough harsh things in life - we don't want your anti-aging skincare to be one of them!