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phenoxyethanol sensitivity?

I came here to ask if anyone else has a sensitivity to phenoxyethanol? I used cerave pm lotion a while ago, but had to stop using it because at some point it was burning my face and making it itch. I completely forgot about this - I just purchased the new Geek&Gorgeous moisturisers - both gave me itchy skin and more pimples… I am just trying to connect the dots here! And for example, the byoma gel moisturiser is free from it and my face loves it. I know having a problem with phenoxyethanol is rare, but just wondering if it’s possible… trying to work out what my picky face doesn’t like! Thanks

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Hi Meh, you're right, usually sensitivities to phenoxyethanol are rare, as it is considered safe at the commonly used concentration. It does not usually have an irritating effect. However, sensitivities to phenoxyethnol can occur just as with any other ingredient. For example, there are sensitivities to sodium hyaluronate, even though this ingredient is not considered all GENERALLY potentially irritating. The same is true for phenoxyethanol. While it is not GENERALLY potentially irritating, it INDIVIDUALLY can be. If you've noticed this on you - because you know your skin best - just make sure to avoid products with phenoxyethanol. I hope I was able to help you!