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2 years ago

Could an eye cream add to the fine lines?

Hi everyone, after seven years of mothering my two youngest, I have finally started looking after my skin!

A month ago I started using chantecaille stress repair eye cream and for a week or so I'm noticing more fine lines around my eye contour 😔 could it be this cream? I have dry, sensitive skin.

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I would say eye cream doesn't really change anything its a fancy way to call a cream if you're looking for something-

that will help fine lines and rejuvenate your skin i would highly recommend using retinol at night (Vitamin A) for effective results showing in about 1 to 3 months . ( Note that if you are pregnant try to avoid vitamin a and try to go for hyaluronic acid ) It's normal to age as the collagen drops years by years slowly after 22s i would recommend you to stay very hydrated and drink plenty of water

and having a consistent skincare routine to slow down the process such has a Cleanser, Toner, serum, and a cream

Heres my top favorite for hydrated and plump skin

For cleanser : i love love love this Kracie peach leaf cleanser its very soft and if u rub it in between your hands it becomes a nice foam

if you cannot find it i recommend good morning gel cleanser from COSRX

For toner : This has been my all time favorite toner you can either pick the Klairs supple preparation toner or the IM from Rice toner

i would say the klairs one is one that will give you a nice hydration throughout all day good for winter and summer

the rice toner on the other hand will brighten your skin tone helps reduce fine lines and smooths skin texture but! you have to be very consistent with it!

move on to serums! you have 2 choices Im from ginseng serum for plumping skin and has anti aging props or im from rice serum from the same line if you want to keep it simple! there is actually a bundle i bought a month ago on Wishtrend website you should check it out its cruelty free ! and has the best products out there ( im a very korean skincare lover) since it has so much more benefits than others

now for the cream!

like i said you could always use the im from rice cream in the bundle its cheaper or could grab Retinol cream which i recommend if you want drastic results although it can get sensitive on your skin so be careful! personally i really like klairs rich moist soothing cream since for winter since it keeps me hydrated all day! oh and do not forget sunscreen girl! always always wear suncreen even if theres no sun outside since uv rays kills the collagen production in your skin note that spf 50+++ will be your bestfriend you could use the beauty of joseon rice suncreen or im from rice suncreen

both are very good since rice is an anti aging and boost collagen production while soothing your skin texture i hope it helped have a good day!