Meri Meri
2 years ago

Can you recommend acids for exfoliate?


Thanks in advance for all the help I have received. 😊 I want to know which acids are good for exfoliate the skin only. I am 45 years old; my skin is combination, now is a little bit dry. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I don’t want to damage my skin because the product is cheap. Many, many thanks.

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Lactic acid is a great option because is both hydrating and exfoliating (10-15% would be a good range for using 1-2x a week). You can also use a product that contains a combination of a few acids, for example, lactic + glycolic. In this case, watch the total combined concentration of all the exfoliating acids in the product, keep it within 10-15% not to overdo it.


Thanks 😊 for your reply.

What about Mandelic Acid?



I don’t understand well the difference type of acids. AHA, Mandelic Acid BHA, Glycolic acid, Lactic Acid. I think AHA acid includes: Glycolic acid and Lactic Acid; it’s very gentle when it’s not over 15%.

Mandelic acid is acid from fruits, is it correct?

I have a mess in my head about acids. Can you help me to clarify this? Thanks a million.☺️