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3 years ago

the percentage of niacinamide in this product?

I want to use this after my retinol at night, but i‘m not sure if the niacinamide percentage is high enough. I wanted a 3-5% concentration, would it be possible to integrate an extra niacinamide serum of that percentage if it‘s too low in this product?

A'PIEU - Madecassoside Sleeping Mask
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The concentration of niacinamide in this product is most likely below 3% (I'd guess it closer to 1%, but we don't know for sure), so it won't hit your goal of 3-5%, I'd add a niacinamide before it going for something with a moderate concentration - something like this one https://whatsinmyjar.com/product/vichy-mineral89-defence-serum-4-niacinamide