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Hello from null

Please recommend a rosacea friendly hydrating and soothing serum/essence/toner. And what should I do for my clogged pores and bumpy skin? Is exfoliation good for my compromised barrier?

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i have pretty much all of the issues you described so i feel i can help!

a hydrating and soothing serum i would recommend the aveeno triple oat serum. colloidal oats is awesome for soothing and calming down redness and is very moisturizing. toning in my experience has always left my skin feeling stripped, so i always just wash and then go straight to serum or use a hydrating spray toner like the beekman milk shake hydrating toning mist. it has hyaluronic acid, squalane, pre/probiotics, and mugwort which is good for relieving redness. it also has goat milk which is good for sensitive skin as it is very close to the ph of our skin. i've noticed that its helped smooth the appearance of my skin/large pores and helps my moisturizer kind of soak in since it leaves my skin damp for moisturizer application.

for exfoliation i use the cerave renewing SA cleanser at night. i always use it at night so i don't risk the salicylic acid irritating my skin during the day when exposed to sun (also use a good spf! the vanicream daily moisturizer with spf 30 is awesome). it's super gentle and non-stripping and doesn't leave my face feeling tight like other salicylic acid cleansers. maybe later on once your skin barrier is healed you can do like a once a week overnight exfoliator like the good molecules overnight exfoliating serum?