Thea Thea
3 years ago

Blue light protection

Does this product protect against blue light too? I read that one of the ingredients (titanium dioxide) does. Is it good for blue light too?

La Roche-Posay - Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50
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This product does not protect from blue light. Titanium dioxide can give some protection against blue light, but this product does not contain in. It is also a little bit complicated with titanium dioxide and the visible light protection: to protect agains the blue light, we need large particles of titanium dioxide. The problem is that these large particles leave an unsightly white cast, and they are also worse at protection against UVB compared to small particles of titanium dioxide. This is why most sunscreens today contain small particles of titanium dioxide. This is good for UVB protection, but not great for the protection against the visible light (including blue light).

An ideal product to protect from blue light would contain Tinosorb M (, iron oxides (basically, tinted sunscreens and titanium dioxide. A few options here:

Mineral sunscreens with a tint also offer some protection (even though less effective than the ones with Tinosorb M in addition) - here are some options if the ones above are not available to you:

Please remember that UV light (UVB and UVA) do more harm to the skin compared to the blue light, so we shouldn't compromise the UV protection for the sake of the blue light one.