Simona2001 Simona2001
2 years ago

Hello from Simona2001

Hello, I've been studying lately about sunscreen, but I couldn't get down to a result that satisfies me. I do like the mineral sunscreen for the ingredients, but I don't like it because I feel it like a mask on my skin. On the other hand, I am afraid to use a chemical one because of its controversed ingr., although I like that it feels nice and light on the skin.

In conclusion, please recomend me a sunscreen that is invizibile on the skin, but has no potencial harmfull ingredients.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello Simona! Maybe this post can help you navigate the sunscreen space a bit: I don't think there is a real reason to be afraid of using organic (non-mineral) filters - apart from watching for the irritation risk. The problem with the absorption of some the UV filters (octinoxate and oxybenzone) into the bloodstream doesn't seem to be an actual health risk issue: the quantities absorbed are tiny even with diligent daily use, plus these are the "old" UV filters that tend to be most irritating anyway, and it is easy to find a product without them, especially if it is produced in Europe or Asia (US FDA makes it hard for the US producers to use new ingredients).