Katz Katz
2 years ago

Hello from null

Lips are chapped all the time. So I pick at them. Makes it worse, to the point of bleeding. Want to quit.

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I swear by Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, it’s lovely in the day and I think it works really well as an overnight lip mask too. My retinol was causing my lips to dry out over night but I don’t get that if I go to sleep with the Clarins balm on too. The best thing about it, whenever you use it, it stays and sinks in, it won’t suddenly disappear and you’re again desperate for some hydration, sometime even worse than before you use other balms/chap sticks.


Switching to a plain, fragrance-free vaseline and applying it often can help a lot. Avoid balms with fragrance, natural or synthetic. Also, apply a protective balm (like vaseline) before brushing your teeth to avoid the toothpaste getting to the lip skin. If you can, avoid spicy food and vinegar (or be careful not to get it on your lips).