Ayou Ayou
2 years ago

Hello from Ayou

Hello i have combination ,and sensitive skin ,eczema prone skin ,and blemish prone skin , i need a low irritancy products that can even skin tone ,fade away hyperpigmentation and smooth textured skin ,and a glow glassy finish.

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As a fellow eczema sufferer, I would advise you to start small: make sure to have a gentle cleanser (for PM, no need at AM) and a good moisturizer that helps to repair and strengthen your skin barrier. Add other actives one by one and with enough time in between to see how your skin handles them. My eczema has been under control for a while now, but if it acts up I always simplify my routine to cleanser / moisturizer until it calms down. I also would advise you to check out the skincare routine builder feature to see what might work for your skin.