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Dupe for R+F Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment?

Hi everyone! I've been looking for a dupe for this product for ages, as I no longer support Rodan+Fields or any Multi-Level Marketing companies anymore.

From the company: "Relieve + relax. Infused with nourishing RFp2 Peptide Complex, this dry skin treatment instantly reduces visible redness as it protects + hydrates."

I should mention- I like this product primarily for the 'visibly reducing redness'- I have plenty of other products that hydrate & protect. Something about this product works like a tinted moisturizer on me and smoothes out my fair red skin without putting on any other makeup. From my digging it seems like "optical filters" in it are what's working for me..From their site: Optical filters effectively neutralize the look of redness.

Any thoughts on the ingredient I need to be looking for in another product? Thank you in advance!

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From the ingredient list, it looks like the optical filters they are using are based on am ingredient complex marketed as Timiron SynBeam in a silicone base. It consists of Synthetic Fluorphlogopite + Titanium Dioxide + Tin Oxide. I've filtered for these combo of ingredients in our search, here are the results. I think this product comes quite close it terms of the formulation:


Thank you so, so much! The mystery is solved. I will check back once I sample a few of these. You're the best. <3