Jackie Tee
2 years ago

Eye cream y/n?

Hey all, recently I've been told that eye cream doesn't really do anything - you don't need it if you use a moisturizer, because eye cream is usually just a tiny overpriced moisturizer. How do you feel about this? Do you have an eye cream in your routine, or do you want to add one? Any ingredients to look for, or just skip it altogether?

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There is no need for a separate eye cream if your goal is simply to moisturize the area. Then you definitely can use a gentle face moisturizer all-over. There can be cases where a separate eye cream/ serum is a good idea, for example, when you want to use a retinoid or ascorbic acid in this area, but the your skin there can't tolerate the same concentration that you are using on the rest of your face. But that's the only rational reason really: the skin under eyes (also on the neck) can be more sensitive than the rest of the face, so you might need to go for less concentrated actives / more gentle products (for example, if you are using a highly perfumed cream or a moisturizer with essential oils on the rest of your face, it's a good idea to get something more gentle and fragrance-free for the eye area. Or to get a gentle product for all-over-the-face😃).


I have always preferred a seperate eye cream due to my dry skin. Dry skin can accentuate lines. I needed to care for the skin around my eyes as much as my face and neck. Your eyes and neck are part of your overall appearance. Interesting topic, but I personally prefer the treatment. At my age I look for eye cream or serums with retinol.


Hmm, that's a good point. My current eye cream is nice, and it has Q10, but I don't feel like it's doing anything to soften the lines. Do you have a recommendation for a retinol cream?


I have tried many eye creams but I keep coming back to Murad retinol eye cream. Have also tried Dr Dennis Gross and La Roche. I keep a look out , pardon the pun, for ingredients to help with both moisturising and wrinkles. That is where the retinol comes in.