Jo-Anna Jo-Anna
2 years ago

Hello from Jo-Anna

Happy to be part of the community! If anyone has any tips for rosacea, redness or sensitive skin, I would love to hear! Thank you


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Hello Jo-Anna, welcome to WIMJ!

Gentle cleansing is important to keep the skin barrier strong, so maybe this guide will be interesting for you:


Hi! Some products for rosacea could be, Rosacare Hydrogel during the day, Vanicream cleanser, Vanicream facial moisturizer at night, Peach Slices Azaleic Acid every other night.


Thank you I'll look into these products. Currently, I'm using Dr. Brandt's Clean Bio ph probiotic yoghurt cleanser, good genes and Kat Burki's Vitamin C Moisturizer. Any thoughts on these? Also what do you think about using the Clean Face tool with rosacea? I have used this to cleanse and my face got even more red.


Tinted or untinted sunscreen by MDSolarSciences is Rosacea Safe! Use sunscreen every day!


Thank you this is so helpful!! I'll get it:)

I've been feeling lost in a sea of products out there