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2 years ago

Hello from null

Looking for skincare that won't break the bank, but that my skin loves. However I have been tempted by Dr Sam's products, but they are so pricey. Although if they work I would!

have spent a fortune on different SPFs, leaning to K beauty brands, but hate that they all make my face so shiny. I actually hate all the stuff I'm using as my face is constantly shiny and red. I just stopped using the Cosrx snail 92 cream as think that is the main culprit for the shiny face. I was using it day and night. I currently use in AM:

Cerave hydrating cleanser (meh), The Ordinary Amino Acids and B5 serum, The Ordinary Azelaic acid, Cerave moisturizer and an SPF (either Isntree HA watery sun gel or Beauty of Joseon relief sun screen)

In the PM:

Inkey list oat cleansing balm, Cerave hydrating cleanser, The Ordinary Amino acid &B5 serum, Cerave night cream, Differin cream.

In a nutshell I just want clear skin with an even skin tone. Any suggestions are welcomed!🥰

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