Anie Anie
2 years ago

Hello... i need honest reviews about Q+A skin care brand.

can anyone share about their reviews with Q+A peptide serum? I've a sensitive plus combination skin plus im pregnant too

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As with most brands, it depends on a product I'd say. Disclaimer: I didn't use their products, basing this on reviewing the ingredient lists. Q+A have some good products like cleansers (apart from their Peppermint cleanser), the Ceramide Barrier Defence Cream. If your skin is sensitive though, please be careful because many of their products contain non-obvious and obvious fragrance like flower extracts and even essential oils. They have a decent Azelaic acid serum: Q+A Azelaic Acid Facial Serum (would be even better if it included a higher concentration of the azelaic acid). Their glycolic acid toner is OK too: And then I personally think they have a few of quite useless products, too, like their Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel or Q+A Vitamin C Brightening Serum