Maru Maru
2 years ago

I don't know what to do

Hi guys, recently my skin has been pretty good with a breakout every now and then. But lately, and I haven't changed anything, I constantly have breakouts on my forehead. It's nothing serious like acne, but it's really irritating because there are small white pimples with pus on top which are pretty visible under makeup. I've been using a.toner, vichy 89 serum, avene cicalfate/lrp cicaplast/cerave moisturizer, but with no evident changes. Also every other day I'd use lactic or salicylic acid from ordinary and I've been stopping it to see if that's the cause, but it's been the same. So every day I get a few new pimples, they go away in a few days but since they're constantly erupting, my face looks like a mess all the time. I'm starting to get desperate already.

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Hey Maru, sorry you are experiencing this! Could it be that something you use on your hair causing the irritation? Could be shampoo, conditioner, styling products?

What toner are you using?