acuno acuno
2 years ago

Hello from acuno

Hi! Stumbled across this site searching for product reviews about Bioderma DS+ products as I find they don't deliver on promised benefits.

I get seb derm flare-ups which are distressing 😔

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Hello Acuno, welcome to WIMJ! Bioderma Sensibio DS+ Crème is a pretty basic moisturizer based on coconut oil with an anti-fungal active Climbazole. It's concentration might be too low to work for you, so you might need to consult with a derm to get something more potent.

You could also try a cream or cleanser with Zinc Pyrithione, it can help reduce inflammation and is used to manage seb derm. Still, if the issue affects your quality of life, I'd really-really try to see a derm.


Hi Maria, Thanks for your recommendations. I suspected that Sensibio was not doing that good of a job. Will try to look for your suggested products here in Argentina. If not one of the replacements.

I looked up on WIMJ for Cicaplast Baum B5 for its ability to address cracked, chapped, chafed skin and dry skin irritations.

Nevertheless, will go back to my dermatologist.