Janni Janni
3 years ago

Sunscreen for hypersensitive skin.

Are there any clean formula sunscreens out there for a hypersensitive/type 1 rosacea skin that gets red from pretty much everything? I use Skintifique lotion which is the only lotion my face tolerates but I have yet to find a sunscreen. I am also in Europe so a lot of brands like Elta are unavailable to me. I stay away from dimethicone, propylene glycol and all kinds of fragrances and essential oils. Tint is also wasted on me as I have facial hyperhidrosis as well. Definitely want something non comedogenic and cruelty free. Are my demands too high?

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Haha, it is definitely not easy! One of the difficulties is that ingredients like dimethicone are among the most hypoallergenic out there, so products without them often contain more irritating substitutes.

The is also no a real definition of what formulas are "clean" (for example, petrolatum is often not considered "clean" but it is safely used on new born babies while most plant oils or butters are unsafe for them).

It is probably an impossible task to find a reliable sunscreen without ingredients with long chemical names that are typically considered "non-clean" because these ingredients are often essential to the sun protection performance, especially if your skin is reactive ("natural" ingredients tend to have higher irritation potential because they contain a lot of chemicals that are difficult for formulators to control).

If you would consider using a product with silicones, there are a few options that minimize irritation potential and are considered cruelty free and available in the EU/ UK:




I hope this helps!