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3 years ago

When should we use this product?

I bought this product but now I don’t know when should I apply it. Before my daily skincare routine as a serum? After? What is the exact order or in which step is ok to put this gel-water booster?

APIVITA - Aqua Beelicious Booster
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You can apply it almost at any step in your skincare routine before your sunscreen (and after cleansing if you are cleansing in this routine; it can also be used as a light moisturizer during the day). For example, a good place for this product would be right before your sunscreen or moisturizer. There is nothing particularly sensitive in this formula, so there should be no issues layering it in any order (apart from elevated irritation risk of exposing the skin to a lot of different ingredients in one step). If you use another serum with potent actives (maybe something with vitamin C or retinoids), I would still apply that serum before this one just in case.


Since it's a gel-water base, I would recommend before as a serum (like you said). If it was oil-based, it would be one of the last steps in your routine.