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3 years ago

What determines the effectiveness score?

I'm confused why the score is so low, while the ordinary score is high when they have all the same main ingredients. In fact, on your comparison list they are identical for at least the first half of the list, while the majority of the rest are the same as well, only appearing in a different order. Why would the ingredients toward the bottom of the list, meaning they are the least ingredients in the formula, have such a big impact on the score?

grace & stella - hyaluronic acid serum
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Thank you for your questions and sorry for the confusion. We are actually about to launch a change in the rating to avoid here. Here is where the confusion is coming from: when calculating the overall efficacy score, our algorithm takes into account all promises that the product makes, and rated them against the ingredient list. The Ordinary serum only promises moisturizing, so our algo finds the ingredients that can get the job done and gives the product a high score. The Grace & Stella product promise "youthful skin" that our algorithm interprets as an anti-aging promise, and rates it low because the serum can't deliver on it.

We totally see how it is confusing, so the change we are about to launch will make the comparison per claim more visible. Again, thank you for raising, and hopefully we can resolve this soon!


Thank you so much for your thorough response, I really appreciate your site taking the time to consider my comment. It's refreshing to feel so valued as a consumer!