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2 years ago

Cleanser with salicylic acid

Hi there

I have a question about salicylic acid

Given that salicylic acid serums have to be applied on dry skin then why do shampoos that contain salicylic acid work?

Also why does salicylic acid work in cleansers?

Isn't the time on skin to short?

Hope it makes sense

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Ive always had the same question abt salicylic acid in face cleansers . I hope we find an answer to that


Salicylic acid works in cleansers / shampoos. The exfoliating (and anti-acne) effect is smaller than in the leave-in products, so it could be a way of incorporating SA into a routine more frequently. I am personally not a big fan of SA face cleansers unless your skin is very sensitive and you can't tolerate SA in a leave-in form (which might mean that you need to restore your skin barrier first, before going for exfoliation). Most people with relatively healthy skin barrier can tolerate SA in leave-in products well. It is more effective to use a simple gentle non-medicated wash daily, and add a leave-in SA product 1-2 times a week.

If you choose to go for a SA face cleanser, I'd not recommend to use it daily but 3-4x a week, and have a simple gentle cleanser at hand for the rest of the days.

SA in shampoos is usually the only convenient way to get it to the scalp to help ease dandruff & seborrheic dermatitis, leave-in products are difficult to use.