KuleanaHummingbird KuleanaHummingbird
2 weeks ago

Hello there folks

I'm breastfeeding so I can't use retinol, considering using my milk on my skin to heal my stretch marks.

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Hello there 👋! First of all, congratulations on the 🐣 🥰! Unfortunately, breast milk can't help heal stretch marks... In general, time (+ good but simple moisturizing cream/lotion) can help more to fade them than specialized creams... Centella Asiatica actives were shown to have some effect in preventing them and they could help with reducing them, but unfortunately, no reason to expect miracles from them... You could browse products with these compounds here: https://whatsinmyjar.com/search?ingredient_groups_by_name=Centella%20asiatica%20actives&category_functional=Moisturizers&sortBy=Moisturization&sortBy=Irritancy


Hello have you searched Bakuchiol products ? It’s an alternative to retinol. Not as much studies on it but normally safe (? correct me if I’m wrong) for pregnancy