Jowas Jowas
3 years ago

Sensitive skin

Is this product good for sensitive skin. I also have closed comedones

this works - Skincare In Transit Camera Close-Up
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No, we would definitely not recommend this product for sensitive skin. It contains a couple of potentially irritating essential oils (for example, lemon balm and peppermint oil). Also, we don't think that this product can achieve anything beyond basic moisturization (nothing wrong with basic moisturization, but I am assuming this is not why you are interested in this product, and also, no reason to risk irritation from all the fragrances for the simple moisturizing action). If you are looking for a primer that could temporarily make the skin appear smoother with minimum skin irritation risk, one of those can work:

- High-Spreadability Fluid Primer from the Ordinary (; Niod's photography fluid (the same parent company;; NYX's primer ( Basically, an ideal formula for the purpose would include silicones and not much else.


What products would you recommend for sensitive skin? As I find it difficult to find the right products for my skin type


We have actually just released a new feature for products that are suitable even for the most sensitive and reactive skin type: You could also chat with our automated Sensitive Skin Advisor here:

What are your skin goal, as in what would you like your skincare routine to achieve?