Rakushka12 Rakushka12
2 years ago

Hello from null

Hello, everyone. I'm 44 and i live in Canada. I've been trying, testing, using hundreds of skin products for years and eventually came to this conclusion: none of skin products on a market have long-term sustainable, dramatic effect on skin and the higher retail price on a bottle the lower value of the content. All products you buy will have mild effect over some time, then formula changes or products gets discontinued-you are back to where you were 1-5 years before, just older. I don't believe in layering: marketing makes us believe one good cream can not be be used for your entire face and you need zillions of serums, scrapers, tools, elixirs, primers, emulsions, droppers......Before you even start your day. All you need is a good night sleep, fresh air, cleansing your face in the evening and splashing it with cold water in the morning for good blood circulation, maybe sunscreen. And either face oil for the night AND day, or just one cream for entire face( in a winter- rich nourisher, in the summer-moisturizer)- applied even around eyes as long as you feel comfortable and feel no itching.

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Hello Rakushka12, welcome to WIMJ! totally agree with you that there is no need for dozens of expensive products in a routine. There are some products that can really make a sustainable difference though (but don't have to be expensive): daily broad spectrum sunscreen is definitely number 1!