dess dess
2 years ago

Hello from null

Im a female 44 years of age concerned with my face ageing because of weight loss particulary my neck

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Welcome to WIMJ Dess! From your routine, I can see that you are using a daily sunscreen, it's already great (but no need to use it at night)! You could also consider adding a retinoid treatment in the PM (after cleansing your face to remove the sunscreen residue and daily pollution). An example products:

- if you don't mind the price tag:

- more budget friendly alternative (a different type of retinoid):

You could use a retinoid treatment on your face & neck, just be careful with the irritation risk - the skin on the neck is more sensitive. Overall, it's a good idea to start retinoids slowly, e.g. 3x a week at first, and then slowly increase the frequency to every other night, and then daily.

I'd also recommend to add an SPF-free moisturizer for the PM (also to use on the face & neck), for example a product like this: It would be the last step in your PM routine.