Maria from WIMJ

This is the sunscreen I have just ordered for my 3 month old baby

Of course, the best sun protection strategy for infants younger than 6 month old is to avoid sun and protect them with clothes. We are going to a beach next weekend though, and I would like to have an option for an extra-protection for the moments when covering or staying out of the sun will not be possible. Why I've selected this product?: It is based on the most gentle sunscreen filters (zinc oxide & titanium dioxide) and has a minimal number of ingredients. Most other ingredients on the list are silicones, which are gentle too. I only wish it wouldn't use Lauryl PEG/PPG-18/18-Hydrogen Dimethicone as an emulsifier because it could be irritating. I am still buying this product because it is almost impossible to find a sunscreen that wouldn't contain anything potentially problematic at all. The plan is to use the product rarely, on small areas (mostly lower legs) and wash off once we are no longer in the sun, which should help avoid sensitization. I know it is marketed as a face primer, but it is just the marketing and does not make the product not suitable for kids (often products marketed for babies & kids have identical formulas to the products for "adults". Products marketed for babies also often contain ingredients that I would not put on my baby because of the irritation potential. Basically, the label "baby" or "kids" do not mean much on sunscreens and skincare). What sunscreens do you use for kids? Any product you swear by?

CoTZ - Face Light Sunscreen Lotion
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